What to Plant This Fall to Achieve Your Spring Garden Goals

The end of summer is a celebration for avid gardeners as it introduces new planting opportunities. It’s a perfect start as:
• The soil is still warm and ideal for good root growth.
• The coolness promotes growth as there is no heat stress
• The rain ensures that the root system is strong enough before winter
• pests and diseases are no threat due to summer heat
However, it’s possible to fail when gardening due to planting the wrong plants. To avoid that this spring, here are five things to grow this fall to achieve your spring garden goals.

An excellent choice to plant in your garden is new turfgrass. For gardeners wanting immediate results, we recommend laying fresh sod. Since it is usually harvested into rolls with thin layers of roots, the lawn will be green in a matter of hours if done correctly by expert landscapers. Another option is by seeding patchy areas in the yard for repair work. The sites need prepping by racking the spots to the soil and sprinkling the seeds in the area. Ensure that the new grass is watered regularly before the winter season.

Spring-blooming Bulbs
Spring-blooming bulbs need cold weather to bloom at temperatures 50 degrees or below. The soil has to be considerably cooled to ensure that no blooming is early. The ideal planting time is six weeks before frost is expected. However, be careful not to leave them on the bare ground for too long so that they don’t wither. If new to gardening, we suggest opting for bulbs from a gardening supply store that has been sheltered overwinter. Some of the best blooming bulbs are daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, and alliums. If you are stuck on your garden’s colors, heights, and bloom times, contact a landscaping company to help the first few times.


When adding perennials to your garden, start by planting them in autumn to ensure a healthy root system is placed throughout the whole winter. Water any perennials well to encourage them to grow in the summertime. Perfect perennials are rhododendrons and azaleas. Planting is ideal at least six weeks before freezing.

All gardens need a little bit of color in autumn, and yellow pansies are our choice. Vibrant during the fall, yellow pansies bright colors last to autumn. Resilient to cold weather conditions, they are the hardiest season plants. Start by planting inside a local nursery before transferring them in your garden at temperatures below 80 degrees. To keep them vibrant longer, remove any withering flowers as they die out to allow the others to survive longer.

Everyone has got to eat, and gardening your food is thrilling. Plant several vegetables in the garden to achieve garden goals for spring. Greens such as spinach, leaf lettuce, amongst others, are ideal and quickly mature. Grow roots like radishes, turnips, and beets. However, start by purchasing already raised seedlings for the local garden place with days to maturity sticker to enable you to calculate better.

With the spring season approaching, gardening needs largely deepening on the yard size, location, and expertise to make the goals imagined reality. Call us today for ideas and estimates n what you need to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.