A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue for Small Weddings & Events

Enjoy a beautiful and intimate wedding without spending thousands of dollars on an expensive wedding venue

Deuces Garden

Deuces Garden is a small wedding venue for up to 40 guests. This location is ideal for couples that want an intimate, low-maintenance wedding with family and close friends. The weddings are held under a wedding arch all year round.
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Design your wedding in three simple steps

Step 1: Schedule a walk-thru

This is the fun part! Schedule a walk-thru of our location and start envisioning your special day. We’ll answer your questions and look forward to meeting you!

Step 2: Pick the wedding package that best suits your needs

We have 3 weddings packages to suit any budget. Our team will work with you to make sure your special day is beautiful and memorable!

Step 3: Select the season and day

We are open year-round so we can work with your schedule. Our prices don’t change with the season, so you can stay within your budget year-round.

Browse our wedding packages

We have three wedding packages, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that fits your style and budget.

Build Your Own

(Maximum 15 people)


Build your own is our basic wedding package. If you are a DIY couple and want to keep your wedding small and intimate, then this package is perfect for you.

Come a few hours before your ceremony time and set things up the way you like at your ceremony site. Once you’re ready, tie the knot and start the next chapter of your adventure together!

Our Build Your Own wedding package includes:
  • Ceremony site 
  • Guest parking
  • Outdoor event space
  • 5-hour package
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Classic Wedding Package

(Maximum 40 people)


Our classic wedding package is our middle tier wedding package.
If you want to share your special day with your loved ones while still staying within a reasonable budget, then this package is for you.

Bring your decorator to set things up the way you like at the ceremony site. We’ll provide the tables, chairs, and tablecloths to set everything up.

Your bridal party, the groom and you can use our dressing rooms on site to get ready (maximum 3 people in the bridal party are allowed in the dressing room). After the ceremony is over, stay a while and enjoy a reception!

Bring your own caterer and enjoy a cocktail hour after the wedding with your guests or use our grill onsite if you want to make it a casual affair.

Our Classic wedding package includes:
  • Ceremony site 
  • Chairs, Tables and Tablecloths for the ceremony
  • Dressing room for bride, bridal party, and groom (Maximum 3 people in the bridal party are allowed in the dressing room)
  • Grill for the reception (optional)
  • Guest parking
  • Outdoor event space
  • Outdoor fireplace and pavilion for cocktail hour or outdoor lounge space for guests (seats 40 people)
  • Wireless internet for the wedding party
  • 5-hour package
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Elite Wedding Package

(Maximum 40 people)

$3,500.00 to $9,500.00+

Do you want to enjoy your special day with your loved ones without worrying about the onsite details? If yes, then this package is for you.

We’ll decorate the ceremony site by setting up the chairs, tables and decorating the wedding arch for you. If you’d like a dance floor at your reception, we’ll also set up an outdoor dance floor for you.

The bridal party, groom and you can use our dressing rooms onsite as well (maximum 3 people in the bridal party are allowed in the dressing room).

Let us know who your caterer will be for the reception, and we’ll coordinate with him/her for you.

Our Elite wedding package includes everything in our Classic wedding package with optional add-ons
  • Ceremony site 
  • Dressing room for bride, bridal party and groom (Maximum 3 people in the bridal party are allowed in the dressing room)
  • Guest parking
  • Outdoor event space
  • Onsite grill for the reception
  • Outdoor fireplace and pavilion for cocktail hour or outdoor lounge space for guests (seats 40 people)
  • Wireless internet for the wedding party
  • 6 hour package
Optional add-ons
  • Decorations – Ribbons, tablecloths, and arch decorations – $1,500.00
  • Setup, and take down for tables and chairs for up to 40 people – $2,500.00
  • Tent setup (optional flooring – additional pricing) – $4000.00
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In August of 2022 my oldest son informed my wife and I that he planned to marry his beautiful fiancé in October. They wanted a small intimate ceremony but had no idea of what that looked like outside of being small in number and very low maintenance. We bounced around a few ideas that included our backyard or our living room.

Fredericksburg has plenty of beautiful scenery especially in the Fall so I started to think of ideas that included the gazebo at Courthouse Commons and Old Mill park near the River. Not being sure of the need of a permit for these places, we were back to square one. I wracked my brain of the most beautiful places I’ve been in the area and a flood of memories hit me, Deuces Gardens!

Just the thought of the beauty of Gwen’s sanctuary brought about so many creative ideas for the ceremony, now all I had to do was reach out to her. The sweet and constant friend that Gwen has been through the years prompted a resounding YES! Not only did Gwen open Deuces Garden to us for the wedding but even went as far as to offer photography services and constructive input! The small and intimate ceremony loomed so large that the newlyweds have tossed the idea of a larger wedding in the future. We are forever indebted to Gwen for allowing us to use Deuces Garden for our special day!

– Stefon Brown

We loved Gwen’s venue. It was private and intimate. The feel of the venue was exactly what you’d want in a smaller wedding. Our ceremony was in the fall, and everything was still green and the flowers still in bloom. Making for excellent pictures. Overall, we would highly recommend this location for anyone with a small to medium wedding.

– Tory and Sonja Brown

View our beautiful spots for the ceremony, reception, and photography

Whether you choose a beautiful morning wedding, a delightful afternoon celebration or a joy-filled evening, it’ll be a memorable and intimate celebration with your closest loved ones.

About Deuces Garden Events

“As I sit in Deuces Garden under the pavilion on the patio, amidst the morning sun and dew, I wish I could freeze and share what I am experiencing in this moment of peace that surrounds me. I love listening to the birds chirping and seeing different facets of nature in its purity. The beauty of a hardscaped, landscaped oasis ready to welcome any type of small event. Weddings, corporate meetings, picnics, graduation parties, Quinceañeras, Christmas parties, baby showers and more.

I know God gave me the tools to create Deuces Garden. He provides the sun that glistens through the clouds to grow this garden. He also sends the rain to help keep Deuces Garden in a continuous state of beauty. Finally, he has fueled my mind and body with the energy needed to create Deuces Garden and given me the vision to share it with you.

We have had several corporate events and large parties at Deuces Garden. Last year, when a close friend reached out about having their son and daughter’s wedding at Deuces Garden, I knew this was the next right step towards my dream of using this sanctuary to bring joy to others. Hence, Deuces Garden Events was born.

Let Deuces Garden provide you a nice tranquil environment for your special event. Give us a call. We would love to connect with you.”

Gwen Braswell, Owner and Founder of Deuces Garden