Hardscaping in Central Virginia

We can help create your hardscape using Natural Stone, Pavers or Concrete. Hardscaping comes in all types of stones and colors that turn an ordinary garden into a sight to behold. Let us design a plan to create borders and pathways in your garden. It will add curb appeal and value to your home. We can help establish a professionally landscaped lawn and outdoor living space complemented by:

  • Retaining Walls made of block, concrete, or natural stone
  • Paved or Concrete patios, walkways, stairways
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Water Features
  • Masonry

How Can Hardscape Improve My Property?

  • Patios (Pavers -vs- Concrete): – We recommend a concrete patio with a paver overlay or just a concrete patio. Both are strong and durable, but the paver overlay adds beauty and design.
  • Walkways: Add beauty and definition to your yard. Create walkways to assure stability as you navigate through your yard. Concrete walkways, pavers and steppingstones can all be used to create a safer passage.
  • Stairways: Some yards have significant slopes that make it a challenge to comfortably walk, not to mention a serious issue in the event of rain, or the occasional snowfall. Landscape stairs may be an option for you. Landscape stairs can be made from a wide range of materials, they can complement any architectural style -from the classics to the contemporary.
  • Driveways: The driveway serves an especially important purpose in your home or commercial building. This is the path that you use to guide your vehicle out of the garage or parking lot. Driveway paving can be done when you are constructing a new driveway. You can also repave your driveway as a maintenance procedure. We can help you create your driveway from concrete and pavers.
  • Retaining Walls: Are you having problems with erosion? You may need a retaining wall. We can help you.

One Client’s Experience

We built a massive deck project to include a stamped cement patio under a 908 square foot deck. Everything was going great until a subcontractor sent three workers who self-identified as masons botched an $8,000 project of installing stone work at the base of pillars supporting the deck from the patio. I was horrified to see white streak chemical stains on the colored red cement patio from the base of the columns, 2-3 inch particles of stones wedged into gaping holes and visible crumbling cement in-between stones (the cement was supposed to not show). It was so bad I could not stand to use the patio. We called several masons for estimates to redo the column bases and the only one that showed up with a portfolio was Gwen. We hired her and her team immediately. For $1000 less than the contractor was expecting for the work, Gwen’s team demolished their shoddy job, placed the stone debris near our swail to help stem further erosion as a favor to us, installed beautiful stone column bases and cleaned up to our total satisfaction. We now spend more time on our patio than on our deck. We also pocketed $1000. I highly recommend Gwen and her team for any stone work!

Liana O., Stafford Virginia

Poorly done stone column
Poorly done stone column
Poorly done stone column
rebuilt stone columns
rebuilt stone columns
rebuilt stone columns

Are you ready to begin your journey towards the evolution of your outdoor living space, an oasis that you have always dreamed of?