Do you plan to add value to your home by hardscaping? Deuces Garden and Patio Creations are ever ready to help you with your journey to evolve your outdoor living space by doing things such as replacing worn-out stairs, driveway or installing an outdoor patio. We serve homeowners, contractors, realtors, and property managers in Virginia, Richmond, and Surrounding areas.

We know a home is a big investment, so we do everything necessary to create a hardscape using natural stone, concrete, or pavers. Our hardscaping comes in all stone types and colors that turn ordinary gardens into attractive sights. We will design plans that create borders and pathways in a garden. They add curb appeal and increase value to the home. We can even assist in establishing a professionally landscaped outdoor living space and lawn complemented by:

    • Paved or concrete patios, stairways, and walkways
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Retaining walls made of concrete, block, or natural stone
    • Masonry
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Outdoor fireplaces
    • Water features

Paving stone worker putting down pavers during a construction of a paved walkway

Why Start a Hardscape Project in Fall

Starting a hardscape design during the fall has huge benefits because it helps to save money. Below are the benefits of doing a hardscaping project during the fall.

1. Saves Cost

Fall usually comes after a slow landscaping period of winter. Lower demand during this season makes labor and hardscaping supply less expensive during summer, just like in winter. The lower price translates into greater savings or an ability to afford higher quality materials or more striking design than at other times.

2. Less Damage to Your Yard

The ground is nicely hard at this period, and most plants are at the dormant stage. The conditions are ideal for hardscaping without heavy punching to the property. The lawn and soil will get less damage from equipment, excavations, and more foot traffic associated with hardscaping projects if it happens in the fall.

3. Faster Turnaround

Lower demand for land and hardscape experts during fall means that many will work on a project from start to finish compared to summer and spring. Acquiring hardscaping materials in the fall is quicker, and the crews will not be squeezing a project into a jam-packed schedule that reduces the pace of work during other seasons.

4. Less Disruption to Other Activities

Yards are unlikely to be active during fall and winter, creating an attractive window to upgrade or renovate by adding hardscape materials. Furthermore, the resulting noise from hardscaping will not be bothersome, like during summer when house windows are usually open.

5. Enhanced Weed Suppression

Tiny weeds growing between concrete pavement Many weeds are dormant during the cooler periods, and hardscaping at this time provides an advantage in fighting them. Patios, pathways, and other hardscapes together with associated landscaping work like mulching can stifle weed seedbeds.

6. Ideal Weather

The weather in fall is more pleasant for outdoor work than the sweltering summer heat. Mild weather favors some hardscaping applications like allowing slower and even drying or mortar. Fall hardscaping projects are more viable as the weather, cost, and availability of professionals all work favorably. Contact us to share your hardscape needs, and we will assist with everything necessary for the evolution and improvement of outdoor space.